keskiviikkona, syyskuuta 03, 2003

Daniel Mocsny kirjoittaa naulan kantaan naisten ja miesten välisistä ystävyyssuhteista. Annetaan The Danimalille puheenvuoro:
A woman who likes to have power over other people and has the physical attributes and personality traits necessary to charm men will often prefer to have men for friends. Her men friends being sexually attracted to her will cut her all kinds of slack, while other women would tend to call her out for mistakes.

In other words, women friends treat each other as equals, whereas men are generally nicer to their women friends and let them get away with more.


Most women aren't particularly nice to men, so a woman can easily score huge points just by showing men a little niceness. Of course it probably requires some skill to walk the fine line between showing a little tenderness vs. inviting more attention than she really wanted.


I think the more attractive a woman is to men, the more difficult it becomes for her to keep lots of women friends happy. Her women friends cannot help but picture the attractive woman as the competitive threat she so obviously is.

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