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If you don't want your children to be bullied, make sure they have the traits necessary to land up near the top of the social hierarchy for children.

For boys, the keys to social dominance are size, strength,
and athletic prowess.

For girls, the keys are being pretty and fashionable.

Parents who lack the genes for these traits are simply dooming
their children to the same fate the parents endured a generation

Later in life, intellectual traits can pay off for men, at least
economically, and on a broader scale. Only a tiny minority of
athletic boys will make it as professional athletes, whereas
almost all the nerd boys can get decent jobs if they are
willing to do the necessary work. Of course the distant future
potential payoff is no comfort to the effete nerd boys while
they are getting beaten up and terrorized by the dominant jocks.

If you think bullying is bad, then stop patronizing spectator
sports. Jocks get away with bullying because of their exalted
status. They are exalted because sports fans exalt them.

People who enjoy going to stadiums and cheering on their
sports heroes are feeding the monster which torments their
genetically disadvantaged offspring.

Consider, who can afford those stadium box seats which keep
the overpaid athletes in business? Generally, the stadium box
seats are bought by the grown-up nerds who have succeeded
in business. Now they are paying financial tribute to the same
kinds of guys who once made their lives hell.

The legions of lesser athlete boys who didn't make it to the pros
are at home watching the game on TV, in their wife-beater
tank tops, yelling at their biatches to fetch more chips and beer.

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6:36 ip. , Anonymous Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Käytännössä tuo tarkoittaa että fiksujen ihmisten ei pitäisi tehdä lapsia rumien ruipeloiden kanssa, mikäli mahdollista.


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