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Theodore Dalrymplen The Suicide Bombers Among Us on mielenkiintoinen analyysi.

San Diego Union-Tribune kirjoittaa: France at the brink. Lainaus:
In the aftermath of WWII, there were probably fewer than 100,000 Muslims residing in France. This began to change rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s as large numbers of Arabs from the Maghreb were imported as cheap labor for the booming post-war economy. From the very beginning, the French government treated them as temporary "guest" workers that were expected to go back at some point. No effort was made to integrate them, they were housed in segregated public housing projects on the outskirts of town and their religious and cultural needs were treated as the responsibility of their countries of origin. For instance, France signed agreements with Algeria to cater to the religious needs of its Muslims and, as late as 1982, a treaty with Morocco obligated French judges to use Moroccan Islamic statutes in family law cases for Moroccan immigrants.

Another major change occurred following the 1973 oil crisis and the economic recession it triggered, when it became clear that the immigrants were not going home even as the need for unskilled labor rapidly dwindled. The new tougher economic climate, combined with the everpresent French xenophobia and racism, led to high unemployment rates and the progressive ghettoization of the, by then, second-generation Muslims. This was also the period when the "social-market" economy was fully implemented with its rigid labor markets, union-set wages, over-regulated business, high-taxation and extensive social-welfare schemes. As everywhere else, this system was made to order for skilled union labor and government employees with lifetime jobs and very bad for the young and unskilled. Unemployment rates soared and so did the number of those that became permanent wards of the state at the cost of their basic human dignity. Today, as the French and European economies have slowed to a crawl with worse to come, the unemployed of the second generation have become the unemployable of the third one. Seething with resentment, uneducated and unskilled, the ghetto is completely alienated from French society and despises any contact with it, safe for the welfare and unemployment checks that make it feasible in the first place.

This would be irrational behavior for a minority, except for a simple fact ? Muslims are the only ones who are having babies in a country and a continent that are committing demographic suicide as we speak. With a fertility rate twice that of the natives and large-scale illegal immigration, the Muslim community in France and throughout Western Europe is growing at 50 percent every decade, while the native populations are shrinking and rapidly aging. Already by 2010, according to French demographer Jean-Claude Chesnais, people 65 and over will outnumber those aged 0 to 14, something that has never happened in recorded history. On current trajectory, those angry Muslim youth in the banlieues will be a majority of all French under twenty in urban areas in 25 years or less. The European Union (EU-25) as a whole, with a fertility of 1.38 children per woman (30 percent below replacement) will lose nearly a third of its native population by 2050, while its Muslims will increase five-fold to 100 million. Long before that, the large cohorts of young, poor and uneducated Muslims would have to provide much of the labor force and pay the taxes to maintain the pension and health care benefits of the old and wealthy natives. Is this likely to happen or is Europe facing a future that will make the current strife look like a walk in the park?

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