maanantaina, joulukuuta 26, 2005

Japan's humanoid robots - Better than people - Why the Japanese want their robots to act more like humans

Many workers from low-wage countries are eager to work in Japan. The Philippines, for example, has over 350,000 trained nurses, and has been pleading with Japan?which accepts only a token few?to let more in. Foreign pundits keep telling Japan to do itself a favour and make better use of cheap imported labour. But the consensus among Japanese is that visions of a future in which immigrant workers live harmoniously and unobtrusively in Japan are pure fancy. Making humanoid robots is clearly the simple and practical way to go.
Japanin - ja myös Kiinan - kansat ovat syvällisellä tavalla terveitä, toisin kuin länsimaiden kansat. Heiltä puuttuu länsimaille ominainen läpitunkeva sairasmielinen itseinho, joka on kolmannen maailman barbaarisiin muukalaisiin hukuttautumisprojektin taustalla.