perjantaina, kesäkuuta 02, 2006

Värillinen asiantuntija kertoo haastattelussa tutkimustuloksista, joiden mukaan monikulttuurisissa ympäristöissä ihmiset luottavat toisiinsa vähemmän ja ovat onnettomampia kuin yksikulttuurisissa (Steve Sailerin kautta).
Research by the Home Office suggests that the more ethnically diverse an area is, the less people are likely to trust each other.

The Commission for Racial Equality has also done work looking at the effect of diversity on well-being.

Interviewed on The Happiness Formula, the chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips accepts that people are happier if they are with people like themselves.

"We've done work here which shows that people, frankly, when there aren't other pressures, like to live within a comfort zone which is defined by racial sameness.

"People feel happier if they're with people who are like themselves. But the question is: what does "like themselves" mean?"

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