perjantaina, kesäkuuta 09, 2006

Suvaitsevaisessa Malesiassa puretaan hindutemppeleitä. . Robert Spencerin kommentti uskonnonvapauden tilaan Malesiassa:
It says that it doesn't exist. It says that Muslim authorities are still operating according to the classic provision of the dhimmi laws, that non-Muslims must not build new houses of worship or repair old ones. If they can't get away with that outright because of Constitutional window dressing about freedom of worship, put in no doubt to befuddle easily befuddled Western human rights watchers, then they drag their feet interminably about issuing permits.
Siteerattu artikkeli jatkuu:
It is not only temples that are coming down in increasingly intolerant Malaysia.

A country that once boasted an open and tolerant multi-ethnic society s now under siege by a dangerous mixture of Islamic fundamentalism and Malay ethno-nationalism. Racial, religious and cultural intolerance is becoming an everyday phenomenon.

For instance some local authorities want to prosecute couples for holding hands in public because they see it as ?un-Islamic'.

Around Christmas, last year, authorities demolished a church belonging to the indigenous Orang Asli community, on the grounds that it had no permit.

The police recently ordered non-Muslim policewomen to wear the ?tudung' or Muslim headscarves. Some local authorities even want to ban or restrict dog ownership because conservative Muslims consider dogs to be ritually unclean animals.

On May 14 about 500 Muslims stormed and disrupted a forum by lawyers and others entitled ?Federal Constitution - Protection for All', called to discuss the rights of religious minorities against encroachment by Islamic Shariah laws....

"There's a creeping Islamisation in our society and this poses a danger to our secular, multi-religious and multi-racial country," said opposition leader Lim Kit Siang. "The destruction of any place of worship is unacceptable -- the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi must urgently intervene.''...

The architect of Malaysia's pro-Islamic drive, while serving as deputy prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim says he only advocated the adoption of Islamic values in government and the civil service and not the "Arabisation" of Malaysian society.

maanantaina, kesäkuuta 05, 2006

Britanniassa jonkun laholatvaisen muslimiporukan älähdettyä, että risti valtakunnan lipussa symboloi verenhimoisia ristiretkeläisiä, eräät suuret brittiläiset yhtiöt ovat käskeneet työntekijöidensä pitämään lippunsa piilossa muslimien reaktion pelossa.

Ilmeisesti tämä tämmöinen on sitten ihan fiksu tapa antaa 30 vuotta maassa asuneille tulokkaille vähän vapauksia, pitäen kuitenkin mielessä pitkän aikavälin tavoitteen sivistää heidät ihmisten tavoille.

Tuollaisista naurettavuuksista rakentuu paskapato, joka purkautuessaan saattaa johtaa johonkin todella hirvittävään.