keskiviikkona, maaliskuuta 28, 2007

Tällaisen vision toteutuminen olisi seurauksiltaan hyvin epämiellyttävä eurooppalaisten kannalta.
Five years ago, Louis Michel, then the Belgian minister of foreign affairs and at present a member of the European Commission, told the Belgian parliament that eventually the EU will encompass the entire Mediterranean basin, including North Africa and the Middle East. Mr. Michel also posited that only by incorporating both Israel and Palestine into the EU will there be peace between them.

The European-Mediterranean (“Euro-Med”) partnership between the EU and the countries of the Maghreb (an Arab word meaning “the West” and denoting Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya - the North African Muslim countries to the west of Egypt) was established specifically to promote the economic, cultural and political integration of the EU and the Maghreb countries. The Brussels bureaucrats embrace Islam because they want the EU to expand into the Muslim east and south. They think that eventually the Maghreb will become part of Europe, but many ordinary Europeans fear that Europe is on its way to becoming the Maghreb, the Muslim “West.”

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