torstaina, lokakuuta 30, 2008

Since not very many non-Finnish speakers have demonstrated interest in this blog, I shall switch back to using Finnish. If there are any who'd like me to continue posting in English at least part of the time, now is the time to step up and ask me to do so, thank you.

Scientists develop artificial heart that beats like the real thing. Read the article. Really cool. Cyborgization marches on relentlessly. There probably will be a time in the future, maybe 40-50 years from now, when people who are in their mid thirties now will be able to have their tired old internal organs replaced with artificial ones and continue to live much longer. Of course, when it comes to life quality, the replacement of external organs such as the skin is important, too.

But I'm no so sure physical bodies of fixed shape and form are really so desireable in the long term. Programmable matter in the form of claytronics or nano robotics seem like a much better alternative.

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1:45 ip. , Blogger Tiedemies kirjoitti...

Blogilista sekoilee jotain tämän blogin syötteen kanssa, heittää aina että uusi päivitys ja päivämääräksi jotain maaliskuun tietäviltä.

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10:49 ip. , Blogger Michael kirjoitti...

I'm voting for English.


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