lauantaina, syyskuuta 06, 2008

Senator McCain's nomination speech is brilliant.

perjantaina, syyskuuta 05, 2008

A well-known Finnish leftist blogger wrote a post on Sarah Palin's family fiasco stating that it served as a good example of how hypocritical and lowbrow the Christian right in the USA was. The blogger wrote how the said hypocrisy was nowhere as obvious than in the high teen pregrancy rate among that demographic. That is, of course, all true.

I wrote a comment on the post where I said that American evangelicals were the only signifigantly large group of first worlders maintaining replacement level (or above) fertility, implying that a certain minimum level of knuckle-dragging primitivity and downright irrationality is required of a population to maintain its numbers. That comment was deleted, of course.

I know that fertility rates are plummeting all over the world and not just in the developed world. But it's a rock solid fact that there is nothing that more certainly kills reproduction than an enlightened, rational, post-religious, urban, individualistic, hedonistic, and liberal culture, except for communism.

Demography is destiny. Either the primitives outbreed everyone and come to rule the world (=bad) or everyone becomes civilized which eventually leads to the extinction of mankind. It seems that life extension in particular and transhumanism in general would be the only ways out.