tiistaina, tammikuuta 13, 2009

AI-based virtual agent for call centers lowers costs, improves caller experience

Adaptive A.I. Inc. (a2i2) of Playa del Rey, CA plans to announce on Monday the "world's first commercial AGI (artificial general intelligence) system" -- a virtual IVR (interactive voice response) call center operator that can hold "smart, productive conversations," CEO Peter Voss, a computer scientist and entrepreneur, told KurzweilAI.net in an exclusive interview.

Voss said the company's SmartAction IVR System, running on a2i2's data center, "constantly monitors and manages conversation flow and meta-cognitive state (such as mood, degree of certainty and surprise), and determines when clarification via live interaction, email, or live-agent assistance is needed."

Its speech engine then responds, based on the current conversation context (with natural-language programming), and a cognitive engine analyzes multiple speech hypotheses for the most likely meaning, resolving ambiguities.