lauantaina, heinäkuuta 24, 2010

54th European Go Congress countdown 0

The opening ceremony and the cocktail party are today at 6 pm. People have been arriving and registering (including the organisers) since yesterday but things will get really busy today. The first round is tomorrow at 10 am. Mercifully, today's forecast maximum temperature is 16 C. This means that as we ventilate all of the buildings throughly, much of the hot air inside will be replaced by cool air. Tomorrow and the rest of next week is, however, forecasted to be hot again. Daily maxima will climb slightly above 30 C again. I normally love hot weather but this time I hope the forecast is mistaken in the upward direction. But we're all fortunate in that there are many fine beaches in the vicinity of the city center and the waters are clean everywhere. Just ask the organisers.

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