torstaina, heinäkuuta 22, 2010

54th European Go Congress countdown -2

Tampere has been basking in heat for the past three weeks. The highest temperature measured was 32.7 C on Tuesday the 12th of July. As a result, both Aleksanteri and Pyynikki schools are not as cool inside as we would've wished but you can't get everything. Yesterday, the building team removed hundreds of pupil's desks from the classrooms in both schools to make room for the tables to be brought in from a city warehouse today. A considerable amount of heavy lifting remains to be done. The maximum temperature this afternoon will be 27 C. Fortunately, we discovered a vending machine full of cold soft drinks on the 1st floor in Pyynikki school. All signs on the school premises and along the streets nearby should be posted by tomorrow evening.

According to latest forecasts, next weekend should be cool and rainy, which is not bad at all for all those many hundreds arriving from abroad. But the following week is forecast to be warm and sunny again.

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