sunnuntaina, heinäkuuta 25, 2010

54th European Go Congress day 1

I played in Pyynikki school along with the rest of the dan players. Everything went smoothly except for one thing that took even me, an assisting organiser, by surprise: nobody was supposed to use Ing rules. Instead, everyone, not just those at the top 16 boards, was to use Verbal Japanese rules instead. Ing's rules were abandoned completely after Ing Foundation withdrew its sponshorship probably owing to the economic depression last year. The playing sets borrowed from European Go Center, however, were Ing's sets as usual. The rules were supposed to be announced in the first congress bulletin but owing to a mistake they weren't. Preparations to make the information known to the players should've been made immediately.

Because it turned out this morning just before the games were scheduled to begin that a lot of players in Pyynikki school where I was playing were under the impression that Ing's rules were to be used, it was clear that the correct information had to be delivered fast and to make sure everyone got the message. I got up and told the referee in the building that I would go and announce the rules to be used in the rooms on the 2nd floor. He covered the 1st floor and the ground floor. Afterwards, a friend told me that he had heard something in the canteen building but was not sure what it was. His opponent began counting Ing style until he was corrected. I wonder how being under the impression that he was playing with Ing rules affected his endgame.

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