keskiviikkona, heinäkuuta 28, 2010

54th European Go Congress Day 3

Three rounds of the main tournament have been played. The results were published already yesterday evening. That's one thing I like about the organising team of this year's congress: the timely publication of results on the net. Seven more rounds in the main tournament to go.

The first of the sauna evenings was held yesterday evening from 5pm to 10pm at Varala sauna by Lake Pyhäjärvi. It was a paradise for the 15 people who participated: a good sauna, modern facilities, a magnificient view over the lake, swimming in refreshingly cool but not cold water, playing go, cold beer, grilled food and free snacks. All this for only 8 euros. We were a mixed company of Finns, Ukrainians, one Russian, an Austrian, a couple of Germans, and a few Frenchmen. Good times were had. The bike ride from the sauna back home was wonderful. I hardly even broke a sweat in the 20 C on the 12 km ride back to Hervanta where I live.

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