perjantaina, heinäkuuta 30, 2010

54th European Go Congress Day 5

Four rounds of the main tournament have been played. The resultslook rather good for the host country. It is particularly noteworthy that Antti Törmänen, 6 dan, won Christian Pop, 7 dan, of Romania in the fourth round. Antti is now seventh. Törmänen already lost to the leader, Ilya Shikshin, 7 dan, of Russia, so he has to stage a few more upsets if he is to become European champion let alone win the tournament. Ilya is doing extremely well, having beaten one of the Korean 7 dans and Taranu Catalin, professional 5 dan from Romania. By the way, Ilya won the 13x13 tournament beating Korea's Kim Jung-Hyeop, 7 dan, in the final yesterday.

Today (Thursday 29th) was a very hot day in Finland. The highest ever recorded temperature in Finland was reached in Joensuu near the Russian border: 37.2 C. The maximum temperature in Tampere was nearly 33 C. It's going to get cooler tomorrow and during the weekend. The highest daily temperatures will be between 23 and 25 C.

There were no games in the main tournament on Wednesday. Two side events were held: a tournament on the 13x13 board and Man vs. Machine match, a meeting of Catalin Taranu, 5 dan professional, and a state-of-the-art program MoGoTW running on the Cray XT4/XT5 of the Finnish IT Center for Science. Catalin beat the program resoundinly on the 9x9 board where the real contest (if any) was to be. Human superiority on the 19x19 board is a given, so MoGoTW got a seven stone handicap. It won by 1.5 points. Both games are stored in Kiseido Go Server archives of the user "EGC2010".

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