keskiviikkona, elokuuta 04, 2010

54th European Go Congress Days 9 and 10

The second week of the main tournament started with round 6 on Monday. Nothing particularly interesting happened at the top. Ilya Shikshin, 7 dan of Russia, then leader of the tournament, was coughing during all of his game against Csaba Mero, 6 dan, of Hungary. Despite being in a little bit poor shape, he won resoundingly. On Tuesday, however, he lost to Artyom Kachanovsky, 6 dan, of the Ukraine. Kyoungnang Kang, 7 dan, of Korea, and the other two were each at 6 wins. Based on SOS, Kang was number one of the trio.

The lightning tournament was played on Monday. The winner was Ilya Shikshin against Klara Zaloudkova, 2 dan, of Czech republic. The lightning tournament was played with full handicaps.

On Tuesday between 6pm and midnight, the traditional Finnish bonus tournament where points are awarded for each won lightning handicap game and a small (0,33 l, alc.vol about 4,7%) bottle of beer was played. The results are being calculated and will be published soon. The organiser told me the likely winner is a certain young promising player from the host country. 13 standard units of beer were a commendable achievement given that this player is lightweight in purely physical terms.

sunnuntaina, elokuuta 01, 2010

54th European Go Congress Days 6,7, and 8

The first week of the main tournament and the weekend tournament are now over. The results are in. Ilya is leading the main tournament and Jung Hyeop Kim of Korea won the weekend tournament. The schedule of the weekend tournament did not hold. The rounds started about half an hour late. Otherwise the tournament was a success. The players of the host country overperformed again. It seems like there are going to be more Finnish 5 dans and 4 dans after the congress.