maanantaina, elokuuta 09, 2010

54th European Go Congress Days 11, 12, 13, and 14

It is now over. The final results are in, save for one game still being reviewed by the EGF rules and ratings committee. Ilya Shikshin is the new European Champion of the year 2010. Congratulations!

The one game whose result is still somewhat unclear was played between Alexander Dinerstein and Rob van Zeijst. Rob's clock was silent which is why he did not notice going into byo-yomi and the ending of the byo-yomi. The referee gave Rob a byo-yomi period and Alexander 10 minutes. The game ended in Rob's resounding victory. Alexander appealed to the appeals committee that decided the game in his favour. The matter was handed over to the EGF rules and ratings committee. No final verdict yet. But the winner is unequivocably clear.

All in all, the congress was a success. The weather was fine and the only thing I heard more than one participant complain about was that Finland was expensive. Next time maybe in the year 2025. Thank you everyone!